Three points to keep in mind in your homemade mask

Homemade masks are in fashion, but now that we know more about masks and the virus, it is important to take into account the basic points when making them to be able to wear them while being totally safe with them.

1- The quality of the fabric. Cloth masks are safe as long as a high quality cloth is purchased, suitable for the use of masks and that has guarantees. These fabrics must have a certificate that ensures that they filter and that indicates the number of washes they resist. These washes should not be exceeded since if the effectiveness is done it would no longer be guaranteed.

2- The adjustment. Much of the success of the mask fit is that it is securely attached to the nose. For this reason, a manufacturer of Nasal Wire for Masks must be commissioned with suitable products to place either inside the seam or glued on the outside. In this way, the mask can be adjusted regardless of the size or shape of the nose of each person, without falling in the case of those who are very flat or dislodging when the nose is somewhat prominent.

The wire is very flexible and can be bent into the necessary shape, which makes the fabric also fit perfectly to the shape of the nose.

3- Comfort. The mask has to fit the face perfectly and for this to be so, it must be well attached. But this can cause pain in the ears from wearing the rubber band too tight. The strips that have become fashionable to hold the masks are worn on the neck or very close to it and that causes the mask to lose its shape, dislodging. Therefore, a good way to achieve a high degree of comfort is to use two rubber bands to adjust around the head instead of behind the ears.

In the case of women, a good alternative is to make a nice fabric headband in the same material as the mask and place two buttons, at the level of the ears, to hook the mask onto them. Thus, it will also be very comfortable to wear and it will also achieve a very flirty result.